Getting Started

What You Can Expect Working with Learn2Franchise

See what makes Learn2Franchise different, and how you can benefit.

Tips for Franchisees Interviewing with a Franchise

When you buy a franchise, the franchise also has to choose you.

3 Financial Skills to Master as a Franchisee

Franchising requires an understanding of financial principles. Here's a breakdown of the skills you'll want to possess or develop.

Why Do You Want to Be a Franchisee?

Without knowing why you want to be a franchisee, you're going to have a harder time picking a franchise.

4 Must-Have Qualities to Attract Top Franchisors

Three non-negotiable qualities make a franchisee stand out.

Choosing a Franchise for Your Leadership Style

We'll explore three crucial aspects: operational focus, risk tolerance, and level of involvement.

Best Resources for Startup Franchise Businesses

Harness franchisor support, the SBA, local entrepreneur centers, your chamber of commerce, and online learning.

5 Ways to Finance Your Life While Starting a Franchise

Learn five viable strategies for managing your personal finances while you launch your franchise.

Evaluate a Franchise from These Two Perspectives

Learn how to examine the franchise from two angles: the consumer's view and the investor's lens.

How to Financially Prepare to Leave Your Day Job

To prepare for a smooth transition, here are crucial financial questions to answer.

Using a Franchise Consultant: Step-by-Step

Franchise consultants can make your journey smoother, more efficient, and tailored to your aspirations.

How to Accelerate Your Franchise Launch

Here's a blueprint to streamline your franchise launch, cutting down on wait time without cutting corners.

4 Franchise Myths Put to Bed

If you're eyeing franchising, here's why you shouldn't let these common misconceptions deter you.

Guide to Buying a Franchise

See what it really means to invest in a franchise: your costs, your contractual commitments, and a franchisor's control.

How to Succeed as a First Generation Business Owner

Recognize the value of your experiences and use them as your strengths in your new venture.

What Is the Perfect Franchise for Your Time Horizon?

Learn how to zero in on the franchise that matches your aspirations and financial timeline.

How to Master a New Side Hustle

Learn how you can leverage your executive prowess to make a franchise side hustle work for you.

How to Work with Your Spouse Successfully in a Franchise

Bringing your spouse into the fold isn't just beneficial—it's essential.

The Myth of the Perfect Timing for Franchise Success

The search for the "perfect" time to start a franchise is a common trap for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

How to Conduct Due Diligence on a Franchise

Learn how to navigate the franchise due diligence process effectively.

How to Choose the Right Franchise for You

The right franchise for you depends on your passions, goals, finances, and risk tolerance.

Areas to Think About As You Assess A Franchise

In choosing a franchise, the goal is not just to protect your financial investment, but also your time and energy.

The Difference Between Franchise Fees and Royalties

Franchise fees and royalties each serve a distinct purpose in the relationship between a franchisor and franchisee.

What to Expect When You Start a Franchise

Owning a franchise requires a real financial investment, delayed gratification, and a time commitment.

Franchise ROI: Aim for a Return of 30-50% Per Year

Many franchise candidates have asked me: Is there a rule of thumb for understanding ROI in franchising?

Unlock Franchise Success with the Right Advisors

Learn who you should seek out, what questions to ask, pitfalls to be aware of, and how to use the advice you gather.

14 Questions to Answer Before Buying a Franchise

These questions will provoke thought and help you decide whether franchising is right for you.

How to Answer Questions from Friends and Family About Your Franchise Idea

Thinking of starting a franchise? Your friends and family are probably already asking you questions.

Start Your Business Regardless of the Economy

When you see daily headlines about a pending recession, it’s easy to get into the mindset that you should act on this.

10 Benefits of Starting a Business During a Recession

About 70% of macroeconomists have predicted a US recession in 2022 or 2023. But is that necessarily bad for you?

The Great Resignation Isn’t Going Away: How to Prepare Your Business

Optimize your processes for hiring, onboarding and retaining employees. (Or find a franchise with finely tuned systems.)