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"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Insights for Franchise Candidates

Robert Kiyosaki teaches us to view money as a tool for growth, freedom, and opportunity.

130 Resilience Quotes from Business Leaders & Others

Get inspiration to help you persevere, solve problems, and bounce back.

Why Restaurants Are Often Not the Best Franchise Choice

Here are 12 common problems with restaurant franchises.

Franchise ROI: Aim for a Return of 30-50% Per Year

Many franchise candidates have asked me: Is there a rule of thumb for understanding ROI in franchising?

A Positive Mindset for Franchising Success

Learn the secrets of a winning mindset – principles that have helped me and my most successful candidates to succeed.

Unlock Franchise Success with the Right Advisors

Learn who you should seek out, what questions to ask, pitfalls to be aware of, and how to use the advice you gather.

An In-Depth History of Franchising

Explore the rich history of franchising, its impact on the economy, and the different types of franchises.

If You Feel Stuck, Try This Powerful Motivator

You can turn fear into a potent force for success in franchising or elsewhere in your life.

Craft a Magnetic Personal Vision Statement

Learn why you need a personal vision statement and how to write one that reflects your values and goals.

Beyond the Hype: How to Choose a Franchise That’s Built to Last

Jumping on a bandwagon is risky business. Learn what to guard against and the two questions you need to ask.

7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs (with Case Studies)

Assess yourself honestly and determine which traits you already possess and which ones you need to develop further.

Should You Hire a Franchise Consultant?

A franchise consultant guides you through numerous opportunities, saving you time, and matching your vision with the right franchise.

The Mindset Shift from Employee to Entrepreneur

Learn the keys to building assets, creating wealth, and taking control of your future.

10 Questions You Must Answer Before Launching a Franchise

These questions will provoke thought and help you decide whether franchising is right for you.

How to Read a Franchise Disclosure Document

Learn what to look for and what questions to ask as you read each item in an FDD.

Fund Your Franchise: 10 Options for Franchise Financing

Learn about internal franchise loans, SBA loans, HELOCs, ROBS, bank loans, alternative lenders, and more.

Costs of Starting and Operating a Franchise [Checklist]

Explore everything from franchise fees and royalties to the costs of setting up your physical location and hiring employees.

Due Diligence: How to Tell If a Franchise Is the One for You

Ready to finalize your franchise choice? This article describes the 6 essential steps to conduct your due diligence.

How to Answer Questions from Friends and Family About Your Franchise Idea

Thinking of starting a franchise? Your friends and family are probably already asking you questions.

How to Hire a Great Operations Manager

A good franchise operations manager will keep your customers satisfied, your employees happy, and your business in the black. A bad one can have the opposite effect.

Franchises That Thrive in Recessions

Do you want to invest in a business with a proven track record from past recessions?

Start Your Business Regardless of the Economy

When you see daily headlines about a pending recession, it’s easy to get into the mindset that you should act on this.

10 Benefits of Starting a Business During a Recession

About 70% of macroeconomists have predicted a US recession in 2022 or 2023. But is that necessarily bad for you?

How to Start a Home and Garage Organizing Business + Top Franchises

Learn the 18 steps to start and run a “home organizing” business. Get info on top franchises and a free consultation!

Best Painting Franchises + Industry Insider Information

With a frenzied real estate market, you can profit from the enormous demand in the construction and home services industries.

The Great Resignation Isn’t Going Away: How to Prepare Your Business

Optimize your processes for hiring, onboarding and retaining employees. (Or find a franchise with finely tuned systems.)

Franchising: A Business Model Built for Success

Countless thousands of small business owners have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams as franchisees. Comparatively, there are thousands of small business which fail each year because the business owner did not have systems and procedures in place that would assure them of success.

Taking The Path of Franchise Ownership

It’s a rare week when you don’t patronize a franchise business. Each franchise location could be owned by someone just like you.

Owner or Employee: Where Do You Fit?

Some stay loyal employees to their employers for many years, while others venture off and start their own business.

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