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Matt Frentheway

Areas to Think About As You Assess A Franchise

This article explores the areas you need to think about so you can make an informed decision about a franchise.

The goal is to protect your financial investment, time and energy.

Assess Lifestyle Alignment

The first step in your franchise exploration should be a lifestyle assessment. You're going to invest a part of your life in your business. As executives, we often seek a shift towards a more fulfilling work-life balance. It's crucial to consider how a franchise will mesh with your personal life. For instance, a home-based franchise may offer flexibility but blur work-life boundaries. On the other hand, a brick-and-mortar setup might necessitate regular hours but afford clear separation. Reflect on what balance looks like for you and choose a franchise that aligns with this vision.

Check for Goal Congruence

Why are you stepping into franchising? Is it for financial independence, a desire to leave a legacy, or maybe to cultivate community connections? Your goals should guide your franchise choice. For those focused on wealth, a multi-unit franchise could accelerate your journey. If community engagement resonates more, a local franchisor might be preferable. Ensure the franchise's potential matches your ambitions.

Gauge the Learning Curve

Every franchise brings a learning curve, regardless of your background. Consider how much new knowledge you're willing to tackle. If you're open to challenges, exploring unfamiliar territories could be exciting. Alternatively, if leveraging existing skills is more your pace, look for franchises that align with your experience. Understand that the breadth of new knowledge required varies significantly across franchises.

Navigate the Competitive Landscape

Understanding the market dynamics is critical. Investigate franchises but also the industry and geographical competitiveness. A unique value proposition is essential in crowded markets. Assess product-market fit meticulously; a mismatch here can significantly impact your success. Also, evaluate the franchisor's marketing support. Inadequate marketing from the franchisor means you'll need the savvy and resources to fill that gap.

Evaluate the Franchise System

The franchise system's robustness is a beacon of potential success. Don't take it at face value; delve into the Franchise Disclosure Document for insights. Look for longevity, growth stability, and franchisee satisfaction as indicators of a healthy system. Red flags here could signal trouble ahead, so pay close attention.


Choosing a franchise is a monumental decision, layered with personal and professional implications. As executives, we understand the importance of diligence, strategic alignment, and foresight.

The best decisions are informed ones. If you're ready to dive deeper into finding the perfect franchise fit for your executive ambitions, let's connect. Your next chapter could be just a conversation away.

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