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Matt Frentheway

Why Starting Fresh Beats Buying an Existing Franchise

As an executive coach and business strategist, I frequently encounter aspiring entrepreneurs eager to dive into the franchise world. The allure of skipping the startup phase and jumping straight to profitability is strong. Yet, through my experience, I've come to a clear conclusion: starting fresh often trumps buying an existing franchise. Let me guide you through the crucial considerations that every executive should weigh before making such a significant decision.

The Hidden Cost of Inherited Problems

Imagine stepping into a business where the groundwork has been laid out for you—sounds appealing, right? However, what if this foundation is cracked? Buying an existing franchise usually means inheriting someone else's headaches. Financial troubles, poor location, lackluster marketing efforts, or a tarnished reputation could all be part of the package. You're purchasing a business, including its past failures and the challenges that come with them.

Before you sign that check, ask yourself: are you ready to tackle these issues head-on? Or would you prefer to start on a clean slate, where every decision and success is yours alone?

Culture Shift Is a Herculean Task

Changing an established business's culture is no small feat. If a franchise is failing, it's often due to deep-seated issues that affect morale, customer perception, and employee engagement. Transforming this environment requires a nuanced approach, substantial time, and patience. You'll need to rebuild trust with your team, customers and franchisor.

Consider whether you have the energy and vision to spearhead such a transformation. Or would you rather cultivate a positive culture from the get-go, setting your own standards and expectations?

The Premium Price of Success

Occasionally, a successful franchise might be up for sale, offering a seemingly perfect shortcut to business ownership. But remember, success comes with a price tag. You'll likely pay a premium for this turnkey operation, which might exceed the cost of starting a new franchise from scratch. Moreover, you'll have to live up to the previous owner's legacy and the franchisor's high expectations.

Is this pressure something you're prepared to handle, or would you prefer to chart your own path to success, free from the shadows of the past?

Building from the Ground Up

The most rewarding journey often starts with a single step. When you choose to start a new franchise, you begin on a path filled with opportunities to shape your business precisely how you envision it. Yes, the initial phase might be challenging, but it also offers unparalleled freedom to build your brand, establish your culture, and grow your customer base without the baggage of previous ownership.

You have the chance to become a true entrepreneur, one who brings fresh ideas to the table and turns them into reality. Isn't that the essence of entrepreneurship?

Making Your Decision

The decision to buy an existing franchise or start a new one is significant, with far-reaching implications for your career and personal life. While the prospect of stepping into a ready-made business can be tempting, it's essential to consider the long-term impact of inheriting existing problems, tackling a challenging culture shift, and potentially paying a premium for success.

If you're driven by the desire to create, innovate, and lead on your terms, starting a new franchise might just be your best bet. It offers the satisfaction of building something from scratch and the freedom to steer your business towards success without the constraints of the past.

As you contemplate this decision, remember: The path to entrepreneurial success is rarely easy, but the rewards of building your empire on your own terms are immeasurable.

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