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Matt Frentheway

Best Resources for Startup Franchise Businesses

Many resources exist to support first-time entrepreneurs like you in the franchise world. Let's dive into what's available and how you can leverage these resources.

Your Franchisor

Your franchisor is your partner in success. Literally. Good franchises are set up to earn their profit on royalties. When that is the case, they don't win unless you win.

A franchisor typically provides:

  • a comprehensive business system
  • a network of fellow franchise owners
  • training
  • marketing
  • turnkey services
  • financing options

Your franchisor's support will help you get your franchise off the ground and running smoothly.

The Small Business Administration (SBA)

The SBA provides extensive resources for first-time entrepreneurs:

  • analyses of the franchise industry
  • guides on evaluating opportunities
  • tools for business planning, compliance, and growth
  • financial assistance including low-cost loans for startup costs and operations

Local Entrepreneur Centers

In many cities, entrepreneur centers serve as hubs for startup support.

These centers offer:

  • mentoring
  • educational classes
  • networking events
  • co-working spaces

The hands-on support and community they provide can help you during the early stages of owning a business. In different cities, entrepreneur centers go by different names like business incubator, startup hub, innovation lab, venture studio, business accelerator, etc, or they might be a coworking space with some entrepreneur resources bolted onto it.

Now, many entrepreneur centers focus on helping traditional businesses that are starting up from scratch. If you start a franchise, you won't need all the resources they offer. But you can still check out what is in your area if you find there are any areas where you could use extra advice or support.

Your Chamber of Commerce

Your local Chamber of Commerce offers:

  • networking opportunities
  • educational sessions
  • economic development support
  • advocacy on policy issues affecting businesses

Engaging with your Chamber is a great way to influence local and state government decisions that impact your business.

Online Learning

Platforms like Khan Academy, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Coursera, Masterclass, TED Talks, and of course YouTube offer a range of content from practical courses to motivational talks.

Online learning gives you flexibility. So you can fit education around your schedule, and you can advance your knowledge and skills at your pace.

Here for You

I hope you take advantage of the resources and support networks available in your community.

If you're exploring business ideas, I would love to talk with you. I can give you insights into what franchises can help you reach your goals faster.

Please, schedule a 15-minute call. If you decide to explore franchising further, I can guide you to find the perfect franchise match for your lifestyle and financial goals.

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