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Should You Hire a Franchise Consultant?

Once you've nailed down your industry of interest, a big question often arises: should you hire a franchise consultant? Like any decision, there are pros and cons to consider.

A franchise consultant acts like a compass, guiding you through the numerous opportunities that exist in the franchise world, saving you time, and matching your vision with the right franchise.

The Upsides: Expertise, Time Savings, and Peace of Mind

Franchise consultants bring extensive industry knowledge to the table, which is invaluable if you're new to the game. They understand the ins and outs of different types of franchises, their pros and cons, and how to identify the best match for your specific circumstances. This expertise translates into two major benefits.

Firstly, franchise consultants provide significant time savings. They take on the heavy lifting of research and legwork that can be overwhelming when you're just starting out. They're also adept at navigating the intricate franchise-buying process, which can look like a maze to the uninitiated.

Secondly, having a franchise consultant in your corner offers a measure of peace of mind. Knowing that there's an experienced, knowledgeable professional on your side can make the process less daunting and help you make more confident decisions.

Navigating the Franchise Investment Process

A good franchise consultant will get very involved in helping you navigate the franchise investment process. They take into consideration the prospective franchisee's background, interests, and financial capabilities, offering advice akin to real estate agents, but specifically tailored to franchise investments.

These consultants are compensated through a commission from the franchisors once a deal is closed. This means they offer their advice at no cost to prospective franchisees.

You could break a franchise consultant’s role into seven distinct services.

  1. Determining Fit: Before you plunge into franchise ownership, it's critical to determine if franchising is the right fit for you. A franchise consultant will probe your readiness with insightful questions. They’ll help you assess whether you can adapt to a proven system, manage employees, and feel comfortable paying a regular percentage of your monthly sales to the franchisor.
  2. Identifying Proven Brands: Good franchise consultants maintain strong industry networks to identify brands with proven track records. They constantly update their knowledge by attending networking events, meeting franchisors, and learning about new concepts. Their efforts enable them to equip prospective franchisees with the right information to find the perfect franchise.
  3. Connecting You with Franchises: A lot of franchises won’t even respond to someone with a general inquiry. A franchise consultant can swiftly get you in direct contact with franchises you’re interested in. Additionally, your franchise consultant can coach you to ask relevant questions and analyze responses.
  4. Providing Realistic Expectations: Investing in a franchise is a serious commitment and every brand has a unique mode of operation. A franchise consultant can explain the daily operations, help you visualize your role as a franchise owner, and clarify what to expect in the grind of franchise ownership.
  5. Analyzing Pros and Cons of Different Brands: Once you've shortlisted potential brands, your franchise consultant will walk you through the positives and negatives of each opportunity. They'll assist in evaluating factors like the franchise's experience, number of locations, and overall market presence before you make your investment.
  6. Clarifying Costs: Experienced consultants have read many Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) and they use their accumulated knowledge to coach you on red flags to look out for. A consultant will also refer you to an experienced franchise attorney who can help you spot unclear fees and expenses.
  7. Keeping You Motivated: The process of buying a franchise can be long and tedious. A great franchise consultant, driven by the passion to match hopeful business owners with their ideal franchise, will keep you engaged, motivated, and updated throughout the journey.
  8. Help You with Fear and Anxiety: While not every franchise consultant will do this, some will help you through any fear and anxiety your experience through the process. It’s important that those emotions don’t ruin your opportunity to become a business owner.

Costs and Potential Conflicts of Interest

On the flip side, there are a couple considerations to bear in mind.

First, there’s the cost of hiring a franchise consultant. Many franchise consultants get a commission directly from the franchise they place you with, so you don’t owe any fee at all.

If you choose to work with a consultant who does not work on commission, the costs may seem steep. If you like the consultant, consider what you’re buying as an investment. The time, stress, and potential missteps you save might very well offset the consultant's fee.

Another concern is the potential for conflicts of interest. Some franchise consultants may have affiliations with certain franchisors, which could influence their recommendations. However, you can mitigate this issue by working with a trustworthy consultant who maintains transparency about their affiliations.

Because so many franchises offer commissions to consultants who match them with qualified candidates, your franchise consultant should have hundreds of franchises to choose from to narrow down their recommendations to you. Given this, there is not a real incentive for a franchise consultant to refer you to a particular franchise that is not a good fit for you.

Choosing the Right Franchise Consultant

Should you decide to engage a franchise consultant, it's crucial to select a good one. Here's a four-step process to find a trustworthy franchise consultant.

  1. Seek referrals. You can ask friends, family, or business associates who have worked with a franchise consultant. This is often the most reliable way to find a trusted professional.
  2. Interview multiple consultants. Get a sense of their style, expertise, and offerings. This is your opportunity to ask pertinent questions and gauge their ability to serve your needs.
  3. Verify that the consultant has experience owning a franchise. Many consultants have never owned or run a franchise. Like a teacher teaching something they haven’t done before, they just can’t guide you as effectively as someone who has gone down the same path that you’re looking to follow.
  4. Discuss their fees and services. Transparency is essential, and a good consultant will be upfront about their fee structure and the services they provide.

Once you've completed these steps and narrowed down your list, schedule more in-depth interviews with your shortlisted consultants. Probe deeper into their franchising industry experience, their process for matching you with a franchise, the types of franchises they typically work with, and their fee structure.


The ideal franchise consultant should be someone you feel comfortable with, who resonates with your goals, and who you believe can best guide you on your franchising journey. After all, the journey to owning a franchise is a personal and potentially life-changing decision.

Having the right support can make the difference between wandering in the wilderness and following a well-marked trail towards your dreams.

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