Franchising Decisions

How to Set Up a Franchise Family Business

A lot of my candidates envision leaving their business to their children. These are questions you need to ask yourself.

National Franchise Brand vs. Regional Franchise Brand

This guide will help you decide whether you're more suited to a national or regional franchise brand.

Building a Perfect Franchisor Relationship

Let’s dive into a crucial, often overlooked factor: the nature of your relationship with your franchisor.

Avoid These Common Executive Franchisee Mistakes

Lets explore the pitfalls of executive franchise ownership and how you can sidestep them.

3 Ways Executives Transition to Franchising

Here are three effective strategies for professionals eager to begin as franchise owners.

Regional vs National Franchise Brands: Pros and Cons

Your ambition level directly ties to your franchise choice. Here’s a concise comparison to guide you.

Affordable Franchises Are Changing the Game

Let's dive into the nuances of affordable franchising and how it could be your next smart move.

10 Undeniable Red Flags in an FDD That You Can't Ignore

Understanding these warning signs is non-negotiable.

Misunderstood Franchise Signals (These Are NOT Red Flags)

Let's demystify the five franchise elements that may seem like red flags at first glance but are actually not.

Why Starting Fresh Beats Buying an Existing Franchise

Learn the crucial considerations that you should weigh before buying an existing franchise.

3 Franchise Ownership Models

Do you want to work in your business or on it? Learn about the owner/operator and executive semi-absentee models.

Should You Buy Into an Emerging Franchise Brand?

Get a clear view of the opportunities and challenges of investing in an emerging franchise.

Should You Become a Franchise Area Developer?

Learn what being a franchise area developer entails and how to assess if it's the right move for you.

Stats to Know About Franchising

Here's a distilled overview of the franchise industry through the lens of hard data.

Is a Turnkey Franchise Right for You?

Turnkey businesses are supposed to be ready to go from day one.

Can You Trust Franchise Financial Disclosures?

While the financial disclosures are regulated, your due diligence is crucial.

Why Restaurants Are Often Not the Best Franchise Choice

Here are 12 common problems with restaurant franchises.

Beyond the Hype: How to Choose a Franchise That’s Built to Last

Jumping on a bandwagon is risky business. Learn what to guard against and the two questions you need to ask.

Should You Hire a Franchise Consultant?

A franchise consultant guides you through opportunities, saves you time, and matches your vision with the right franchise.

How to Read a Franchise Disclosure Document

Learn what to look for and what questions to ask as you read each item in an FDD.