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About this type of franchise:

Anytime something breaks and/or anytime people want to improve their home living environment, a home service professional is likely to get a call.

This is one of the most recession proof industries out there. When a pipe breaks, it needs to be fixed! At the same time, it’s also a very profitable industry in good times, since people are increasingly spending more time at home and looking for ways to get more out of their home experience.

The US home service industry generates a whopping $500 billion per year.

Home services works equally well whether you choose to be a semi-absentee business owner or an owner-operator. A lot of my candidates begin as owner-operators and evolve to be semi-absentee.

Home services businesses provide all kinds of needed services including cleaning, home repair, home improvement, restoration, plumbing, window-washing, and more. Each type of business is well represented by multiple excellent franchise opportunities.

Home Services

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