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Matt Frentheway

A New Life Stage Is a Great Time to Start a Franchise

Many franchise candidates I meet are going through a transition:

  • Divorce
  • Retirement
  • Relocation
  • Career change
  • Downsizing
  • Career growth limit
  • Windfall

Often, when one part of life changes, a whole cascade of changes follow.

My candidates basically think, "If I'm changing my marriage and living situation, might as well change up my career while I'm at it."

In reality, if you're dissatisfied with your career, any time is a great time to take action.

But sometimes, when other parts of your life are going smoothly, it's easy to put your career dissatisfaction on the back-burner. It simmers for a while. Then, when you hit a transition in your life (like divorce), suddenly, you don't have much holding you back. And then it becomes easier to decisively deal with your career dissatisfaction.

How Franchising Fits

Franchises aren't for everyone. So I'm going to explain how it has worked for the candidates I've placed. Then you can decide if any of these solutions make sense for your situation.

Redirect Your Focus After a Divorce

So many franchise candidates reach out to me during or after a divorce.

If you're going through a divorce, or just coming out of it, franchising lets you...

  • Stabilize your financial situation through consistent income
  • Redirect your focus towards business development, and channel your energy into productivity
  • Maintain a structured daily routine to rebuild normalcy. This is crucial to regain your emotional footing and establish a new normal.
  • Build new social connections through franchise networks. These connections are inherently rewarding. They can also lead to personal and professional growth.
  • Affirm your independence, discover new strengths within yourself

Retire with Structure and Purpose

Many Type A people feel a lack of structure and purpose in retirement. They get bored and unhappy.

Retirement doesn’t have to mean stepping away from work entirely.

Franchising lets you...

  • Scale down your work responsibilities while still keeping you in the game
  • Maintain the structure of a job by operating your franchise hands-on
  • Stay mentally stimulated, diving into work when you want to with semi-absentee franchise ownership
  • Lead and manage a team across multiple units if you thrive on leadership and mentorship
  • Leverage your hard-earned skills and expertise on your own terms – this time with much fewer hours
  • Diversify your income with an asset that leverages your capital, life experience, active investment, and hands-on engagement to produce an above average ROI
  • Leave your children a legacy – something more significant than just financial assets, but a chance to build on your legacy of hard work, community impact, and business savvy

Establish Yourself After Relocating

When you relocate, you start over personally and professionally.

Franchising lets you...

  • Establish a customer base quickly with instant brand recognition
  • Get help from a support system – your network of fellow franchisees
  • Enjoy the flexibility of home-based franchise, which is perfect if you move frequently

Manage a Career Change

A franchise lets you...

  • Align your career trajectory with your personal and professional aspirations
  • Opt for various operational models, whether you want to work solo, lead a team, or operate as a semi-absentee owner.
  • Enjoy greater autonomy and flexibility than traditional employment. The comprehensive support system provided by a good franchisor can make this transition smooth and rewarding.

Recover After a Downsizing

Being downsized sucks. It hurts you financially. It scars your self esteem. It damages your career trajectory. It stresses you out.

If you've been downsized, or you see the prospect of it, franchising can help you establish control over your life.

A franchise lets you...

  • Save you from an unproductive job search for a high-paying executive position commensurate with your ability to grow a business unit
  • Reclaim financial control with a dependable source of income and the potential for lucrative returns
  • Apply your accumulated skills and expertise in a novel and interesting context
  • Establish a new professional identity, going from "working for the man" to working for yourself
  • Expand your professional network with a community of franchisees and industry contacts eager to offer support and help you succeed
  • Restore your confidence, affirming your capabilities and resilience

Go Past a Limit on Your Career

At some point, it may become apparent to you that that you’ve hit a ceiling in your current role. You can't go further up up the ladder where you work.

On the one hand, you've succeeded. You've gone as far as you can go.

On the other hand, your advancement opportunities are capped. You need to be content with that, or you need to leave.

A franchise lets you...

  • Expand your leadership skills by taking the helm of your own business
  • Drive your own growth by setting and achieving challenges that are not limited by corporate structures or predefined paths
  • Applying your skills in a new context, adding depth and breadth to your capabilities
  • Reignite your passion for business by engaging in meaningful work where your input directly benefits you and everyone around you
  • Build equity in a business that provides immediate income and accumulates long-term value

Manage a Financial Windfall

An inheritance or windfall is a huge opportunity. Use it well and you can secure your financial future.

A franchise lets you...

  • Prepare for retirement by building a business that will generate consistent income
  • Plan for your children’s education with the option to sell the business for a profit later on
  • Enhance your family’s legacy by giving your children the chance to learn and grow a business. Even if they decide to sell, the lessons of entrepreneurship and the values you've instilled through your business will serve them well.

Is Franchising Your Next Move?

The junctures you meet in life will create opportunities for you to reassess your path.

Owning a business gives you independence and flexibility.

Owning a franchise gives you independence and flexibility, but also a proven roadmap and community support. These benefits will help you reach success faster and easier, with less risk.

As I've shared, franchising can...

  • give you new focus after a divorce
  • enrich your retirement
  • help you plant roots in a new community
  • facilitate a career change
  • offer a new path after a downsizing
  • provide a limitless opportunity once you hit a cap in your current role
  • turn a windfall into a fantastic cash flow asset

If you’re curious about how franchising can work for you, I’m here to help. A 15-minute call is all it takes to start exploring the possibilities. Let’s make your next life transition your best move yet.

Matt Frentheway

As a successful franchisee and entrepreneur, I can help you find the best opportunity to realize your dream of being a profitable franchise owner. Using my proven process as a franchise consultant, we’ll define your goals, narrow the field, and select the best franchisor for you to achieve financial freedom.