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Matt Frentheway

Military Skills That Will Help with Your Franchise

I respect the extraordinary skills and values instilled in servicemembers and veterans—traits that profoundly equip them for the world of franchise ownership. My experience working alongside veterans, coupled with the wisdom passed down from my father's service in the Marine Corps, has illuminated the incredible parallel between military training and entrepreneurial success in franchising. Here, let's explore these unique military skills that pave the way for thriving franchise operations.

Teamwork: The Foundation of Franchise Success

I once attended a conference where a combat veteran shared insights into the essence of teamwork in the military. In the face of adversity, distinctions fade, leaving only the collective mission and the paramount importance of survival. This unyielding focus on collaboration and leveraging each other's strengths is a direct match for the franchise environment. Successful franchisees know the power of working within a network, offering their expertise, and embracing partnership with the franchisor. This unity fosters a supportive community that is pivotal for business growth.

Resourcefulness: Navigating Challenges with Military Precision

The military is renowned for tackling immense challenges with unmatched resourcefulness. Veterans bring this adaptability to the franchise world, navigating the complexities of business ownership with innovative solutions and strategic problem-solving. This skill is invaluable, especially during the early stages of a franchise, where effective marketing and operational strategies must be executed with precision and creativity.

Self-discipline: The Cornerstone of Entrepreneurial Success

Discipline is the backbone of military training, teaching servicemembers to adhere to strict rules, maintain order, and persevere through obstacles. This trait is crucial for franchisees, where distractions and deviations can derail success. The military's emphasis on discipline equips veterans with the focus and determination needed to adhere to business plans, manage budgets, and achieve strategic objectives.

Calculated Risk-taking: Making Informed Decisions Under Pressure

Military leaders are adept at making critical decisions in high-stakes situations, balancing risk with the necessity of mission accomplishment. This ability to assess and manage risk is directly applicable to franchising. While franchising presents fewer uncertainties than starting a business from scratch, it still requires strategic decision-making and risk management—areas where veterans excel.

Accountability: The Moral Compass of Business Operations

In the military, accountability is paramount. Every servicemember is responsible for the mission's success and the well-being of their team. This culture of accountability translates seamlessly into franchise ownership, where admitting mistakes and learning from them is vital for continuous improvement. Veterans stand out in this aspect, understanding that accountability leads to better decision-making and business practices.


To all veterans reading this, I extend my deepest gratitude for your service and sacrifice. Your journey from serving our country to navigating the challenges of civilian life, including entering the franchise world, is commendable. If you're considering franchise ownership as your next mission, remember the invaluable skills you possess. Your military training has not only prepared you to face adversities but has set you up for success in the business realm.

Should you need guidance in evaluating franchise opportunities, I'm here to support you. Let's discuss how your military experience can translate into a rewarding entrepreneurial journey. Your service has equipped you with a unique set of skills; let's put them to work in building a successful franchise.

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