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Matt Frentheway

Give Yourself Freedom of Time and Location

In the whirlwind of executive life, it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters. Between climbing the corporate ladder and managing personal commitments, the concept of freedom can seem elusive. Yet, it's this very freedom that can transform your life and career into a journey of fulfillment and success.

Here's how you can start this transformative journey, beginning with a clear-eyed assessment of your current state and charting a path to where you want to be.

Assess Your Current Landscape

Firstly, take a moment to evaluate where you stand both professionally and personally. This requires a deep dive into your job role, responsibilities, and the satisfaction derived from your work. Question the alignment of your career trajectory with your skills and passions. Reflect on your financial health and the state of your closest relationships. This self-assessment is crucial; it acts as your starting point towards the pursuit of freedom.

Define Your Destination

Freedom means different things to different people. For some, it's financial independence; for others, it's the liberty to pursue passions outside of work or to spend more time with loved ones. Envision your ideal future—be it a career shift, achieving financial milestones, or attaining a work-life balance that nurtures your personal relationships. Setting clear, actionable goals for the short and long term is essential in this step.

Map Your Route

With a destination in mind, consider if your current path is likely to get you there. If you're feeling stuck or misaligned with your goals, it may be time to contemplate a significant change. This could involve seeking new opportunities within your industry, acquiring additional qualifications, or even venturing into entrepreneurship. The key is to identify actions that align with your definition of freedom and set a course to achieve them.

Embrace Your Fears

It's natural to encounter fear when contemplating major life changes. However, fear shouldn't be a roadblock—it should be a compass. It signals areas requiring caution and preparation. Lean into these feelings, understand them, and let them guide your planning. Fear, when harnessed correctly, can become a powerful motivator driving you towards your goals.

Create a Concrete Plan

Finally, the journey to freedom requires a solid plan. This isn't a path to walk alone. Seek advice from mentors, engage with professionals who've navigated similar transitions, or consider partnering with a coach specialized in guiding executives towards achieving their personal and professional objectives. Your plan should detail the steps you'll take, resources you'll need, and milestones to track your progress.


The gift of freedom is the most profound present you can give yourself. It demands introspection, courage, and action. But the rewards—personal fulfillment, professional growth, and deeper relationships—are immeasurably valuable.

Start today. Take that first step towards defining and achieving your own version of freedom. Remember, in the realm of personal and professional development, you are the architect of your destiny.

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