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Matt Frentheway

Business Concept in Metabolic Wellness and Weight Loss Industry

Today I’m excited to share a fantastic executive owner franchise opportunity with you.

This is a low investment, low overhead business concept with a fast path to profitability. It has multiple sticky services, leading to high customer retention. Plus, you get to work with educated, professional people, which simplifies hiring and management.

Business Benefits

  • Recurring revenue – This is a membership business model, one of my favorites. 😊
  • Lucrative market – It's part of the multibillion dollar metabolic wellness and weight loss industry. You have a huge population of customers you can serve.
  • Valuable service – You're helping people have optimal metabolic and hormone levels. This franchise uses a scientifically proven regimen with a weight loss program, supplements, and injections.
  • Easy recruitment – You'll be tapping into the vast nursing labor pool. Your business is attractive to nurses because it offers them a much less stressful lifestyle.
  • Professional employees – You have reliable, educated, hourly W2 employees. (As I mentioned, this is a huge benefit, at least to me!)
  • Established brand – There are 30+ clinics open... The franchise started in 1971, so they have serious experience.
  • Transparent finances – You'll find a robust item 19 in the FDD.

Are You a Fit?

  • No industry experience – As the owner you don't need medical experience. You work "on" the business, not in it. 🙌
  • People management skills – This franchise is good for people who have managed small to large teams. You should have a mindset of investing in your team’s success.
  • Positive feedback loop – Do you enjoy when you genuinely improve customers' lives? Because that is inherent in this business.
  • Motivated – You should be flexible to spend 10-20 hours per week growing your location(s).
  • Executive model – This is a great business to diversify your income. It works for executives, business owners, or retirees.

Owner Responsibilities

  • Hire, train and "manage the manager" using the franchise’s tools and support.
  • Execute local marketing by following the franchise’s plan.
  • Oversee site selection and lease negotiation with help from the franchise.
  • Motivate your staff and build a winning team culture. (My favorite part.)
  • Manage the financials.

Like Steve Jobs, I saved "one more thing". 😉

This brand is part of a family of brands. The parent company is the 800-pound gorilla in the fitness / wellness space. They’re adding new services to make the franchise even more valuable. Now is a great time to get in before these extra services go live.

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