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Matt Frentheway

How to Build a Customer Service-Oriented Business

If you dream of franchising success, let me guide you through building a service-oriented business. Research doesn’t lie: Focusing on service not only saves money by retaining customers but also fosters loyalty, generates referrals, and increases your revenue. So, how exactly do you achieve this? Let’s dive in.

Service Businesses vs. Service-Oriented Businesses

Understanding the distinction between a service business and a service-oriented business is your first step. While the former sells services directly, such as automotive repair or tutoring, a service-oriented business prioritizes the customer's experience, whether it sells a product or a service. Here, the customer's satisfaction is the north star, guiding every business decision.

Select the Right Product or Service

Your journey begins before you even open your doors. Choosing a franchisor with a customer-centric culture is crucial. Here’s how:

  • Experience it Yourself: Try the product or service anonymously to assess quality firsthand.
  • Scrutinize Policies: Look for customer-centric policies in the franchise system. Are returns hassle-free? Is the pricing fair?
  • Dive into the FDD: The Franchise Disclosure Document can reveal much about a franchisor's customer service ethos.
  • Observe the Awarding Process: A franchisor's treatment of you during this phase is telling of its overall culture.

Start with Yourself

Your franchise reflects your values. Adopt a service-oriented mindset. Show authenticity, integrity, and respect. Mistakes happen; it’s how you rectify them that counts.

Hire the Right People

Your management team is the backbone of your service ethos. Choose leaders and staff who embody integrity and empathy. Problem-solving, attention to detail, and a calm demeanor are essential traits. Remember, toxic employees, regardless of their sales prowess, are a liability.

Train Your Employees

Competence is key. A robust training program, starting with the franchisor's materials and supplemented by additional mentoring, lays the groundwork for exceptional customer service. Empower your employees to make judgment calls that favor the customer, ensuring a balance between business interests and customer satisfaction.

Appreciate Your Employees

A positive work environment translates directly into positive customer experiences. Competitive pay, benefits, rewards for excellent performance, and ample time off are all facets of employee appreciation. Simple gestures of recognition can significantly boost morale.

Listen to Feedback

Your business should evolve based on customer feedback. Be it through suggestion boxes, email surveys, or direct conversations, actively seek and incorporate customer input. This will help you understand the broader aspects of your customers' experience.


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