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Matt Frentheway

A Positive Mindset for Franchising Success

Business isn’t just about location, marketing, or even the product. It’s about the individual behind the scenes – you.

As a founding partner of a national franchise, a franchisee in multiple businesses, and a franchise consultant, I've discovered that your mindset can either propel you to success or anchor you to mediocrity.

Journey with me today as I discuss the secrets of a winning mindset – principles that have helped both me and my most successful franchise candidates to succeed.

1. Amplify Positive Vibes

In every venture, your mindset crafts your reality.

Positive thinking isn't just about feeling good. It's about navigating the challenges of business with resilience. It’s the cushioning on those hard days and the propeller on the good ones. It shapes your perception, influences your actions, and determines your reactions.

Every morning, visualize a successful day ahead. Picture the happy customers, the ringing cash registers, and the feeling of accomplishment. This mental picture isn't just wishful thinking – it sets the tone for the day and positions you for success.

2. Write Down What You’re Grateful For

The first thing in the morning, write down three things you are grateful for. Even if it’s just that you are still breathing that day. (Let’s face it, life is difficult sometimes.)

This will launch your attitude into a new positive frame of mind. Try it, it really is magical!

3. Ditch the Entitlement Mentality

Entitlement can be a sneaky enemy, subtly lurking in the back of your thoughts. It's that voice that whispers, "Things should be easier for me."

In the franchise world, success isn’t handed over; it’s earned. Every seasoned franchisee knows the grind, the late nights, and the dedication required. If you wait for things to come easy, you’ll be waiting a long time.

Embrace the journey with all its highs and lows. Treat every challenge as a stepping stone, every setback as a lesson.

4. Reframe Weaknesses as Learning Opportunities

I once asked a candidate what he felt his weaknesses were. He helped me reframe that question into asking future candidates, “What learning opportunities do you have?”

This perspective shift can transform your franchise experience from a task into an adventure.

5. Pledge a Two-Year Ride

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your franchise.

Most franchises don’t make earnings claims. Those that do will avoid any guarantees about immediate cash flow.

Once you invest, I encourage you to give yourself two years to build your business before you ever question your investment.

Two years give you ample time to understand the business dynamics, build a customer base, and witness the fruits of your labor. In the first year, lay the foundation. In the second year, let it grow.

Two years is a commitment to seeing through the seasonal changes, working with the franchise through any challenges that arise, understanding customer behaviors, and fine tuning your business to suit your local market.

Would you abandon a plant just days after planting it? Think of your franchise as a growing plant and these two years as that crucial period it needs to take root.

6. Crystalize Your Vision with Three Goals

While ambition is great, precision is powerful. When you need to make progress, narrow your focus to three measurable goals.

Three is manageable. It’s specific. It allows you to channel your energy effectively without getting overwhelmed.

By concentrating on three primary measures, you:

  • Minimize distractions.
  • Enhance decision-making.
  • Prioritize tasks that have the most impact.

Sit down, pen and paper in hand. What are the top three milestones you want to hit in the next year? Maybe it’s a certain number of customers, a revenue target, or an expansion plan.

Write them down. Pin them up where you can see them daily.

Some gurus advise reciting your goals out loud every day. Speaking adds meaning and impact, which you’ll carry with you into each day.

Make these three goals your north star.

7. Stick to Your Three Goals

During working hours, question every task. Does it align with one of your top three goals? If not, can it wait?

Adjust and refine your goals as your business evolves. Growth often requires change.

If one of your goals is about reaching a particular sales target, ensure you prioritize activities that directly impact sales, especially during prime business hours.

You can schedule secondary tasks, like bill payments, for non-peak times.

Sometimes it helps to zero in on just one goal.

At times I find myself starting to aimlessly wander through my daily tasks. When I realize I am doing that, I look at my task list and say, “What one thing on here is going to make the biggest impact for what I want to achieve, the fastest?”

This mindset and action has been invaluable.

8. Capture Your Whole Vision

While it helps to focus on just three goals at a time, sometimes it helps to also keep the bigger picture in front of you.

At one point in my life, I was really struggling to make my business work. I determined to write down the things I wanted to achieve within the next quarter, and then read it out loud every morning for that whole quarter.

Guess what? Not only did it get memorized, but it all happened! It was another magical moment for me.

If you don’t want others to overhear you, do recite it in your car, outside, or somewhere they can’t hear. Don’t let that worry stop you from this powerful exercise.

9. Don’t Let Negativity Consume You

Positive thinking leads to positive results. Likewise, negative thinking can lead to more negative outcomes.

Think about a coach gearing up their team for a big game. They don’t rally the players by emphasizing everything the team did wrong. Instead, they paint a picture of success, of teamwork, and of victory. They tell their team that if we do everything we planned in our practice sessions, we’ll come out on top.

That visualization of success sets the team on a winning path.

It’s possible to become obsessed with negatives. Let’s say you’re involved in a car accident. It takes a toll to get the medical help you need, to get your car repaired, and to seek a fair resolution in court. In a case like this, limit your focus to just the time necessary to deal with the situation. Then refocus your time and attention back to your business and the many blessings in your life.

The next time a challenge crops up, time yourself. How long will you let it consume you? Can you cut that time in half?

Your ability to bounce back will set the rhythm of your success.

10. Choose Positive Language

Think hard about the language you use.

Take out the negative words.

For example: If someone asks, “What are you up to”, the common response is “Not much”.

Try rephrasing it to “everything”.

It will make your interaction more pleasant and engaging, and will boost your positive mindset.

11. Surround Yourself with Winners

You are the company you keep.

If you want to soar, fly with the eagles!

In the franchising universe, you have a treasure trove of experienced franchisees. They’ve faced the highs, weathered the lows, and come out shining. Many love to help new franchisees succeed – in part because a thriving ecosystem boosts the value of their franchise. 

Link arms with these successful franchisees. Soak in their knowledge, let their success stories invigorate you.

12. Bring Positive Energy to Every Interaction

Beyond business, cultivate the circle of people around you in your personal life as well. Seek out positive people who carry energy and a smile with them.

Then ask yourself: Why should successful people mingle with me? What’s in it for them?

For most people, the answer lies in the value you bring. Every interaction is an energy exchange. Make sure you’re not just taking, you're also giving back. Be a source of motivation, share insights, and contribute positively.

Personally, I make it my mission to leave a positive footprint with everyone I come across. You can try the same in your daily interactions.

13. Avoid the Blame Game

You trip on a curb. Do you look around, hoping to blame someone? Or do you shake it off and watch your step next time?

In the business world, playing the blame game won’t get you far.

So, when a problem crops up, resist the urge to point fingers. Instead, step up to the mirror and ask, "What can I do better?"

14. Hold Yourself Accountable

Remember, buying into a franchise isn't a magic ticket to success. Sure, the franchisor provides a blueprint, but it's up to you to construct your empire.

If other franchisees with the same model are thriving while you're struggling, maybe the problem isn't the blueprint.

Analyze what you’re doing. Grab the tools at your disposal. Dive deeper into building your success.

When pointing at someone or something, remember there are three of your own fingers pointing back at you.

Embracing personal accountability can be the catalyst that turns obstacles into opportunities, paving the way for success.

15. Set Productivity Goals

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. But while establishing a target is essential, the real magic lies in how you track and measure your journey towards that finish line.

Goals are your destination. They are often static, providing you with a definitive end.

Productivity measures, on the other hand, are your roadmap. They are dynamic and they help you gauge if you're moving in the right direction.

You can change your productivity measures when a new measure seems more relevant than a measure you used in the past.

16. Break Your Goals into Milestones

Measure your work in three month increments.

Breaking your goals into three-month chunks makes them more manageable and provides regular checkpoints to assess progress. This approach builds momentum and keeps you nimble, allowing you to celebrate small victories and make necessary adjustments along the way.

Set little milestones within those big goals so you can have small celebrations. When you achieve a milestone, do something to reward yourself.

The Magic of a Positive Attitude & Concrete Actions

If you’re starting a new franchise, you’re probably excited, and rightly so! But let’s be real. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It's a journey.

Success is not just about setting goals. It's about consistently working towards them, measuring progress, and making adjustments as you go.

Your mindset sets the stage. Foster positivity, surround yourself with uplifting people, and be the beacon of enthusiasm that your team needs.

Once your mindset is right, walk the talk! Set three goals at a time and adjust your goals as your business evolves.

I’m excited for you to succeed in your franchise endeavors! If you’re thinking about franchising, please book a free consultation with me, and let’s get to work together finding your dream franchise.

Matt Frentheway

As a successful franchisee and entrepreneur, I can help you find the best opportunity to realize your dream of being a profitable franchise owner. Using my proven process as a franchise consultant, we’ll define your goals, narrow the field, and select the best franchisor for you to achieve financial freedom.